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Default Got a jewelry press!

I've been wanting a press for some time but money's tight so it stayed on the back burner.

Then the ever-indulgent wife was looking for a birthday present suggestion and thought it sounded interesting. Problem is, the ones I could find online were either too expensive, too small a press area (I want it primarily for blanking bracelets), or just too large to fit in my rather cramped available space. Or worse, a combination of those.

So I wound up checking around locally and got referred to a welder in my area. Talked to him, showed him pictures and generally explained what I wanted. He said he'd call me the next morning with a quote. He called quite promptly and not only said he'd make it for less than $200 but that he'd have it done today.

So now I have a press.

The jack is a low-profile one from Harbor Freight (there's one six blocks from my house), the high-quality paint job is my fault, but the well-built press is by:
Portwood's Mobile Welding & Repair in Avondale (north part of KC, right by North Kansas City Hospital). 816 454 5373
If you're in the area and want a nice press at a great price, give them a call.

Mine is only 16" tall, the plate is 5" x 8" (so I can do bracelets), and it opens to a max of 4". If you want to do press forming you'll have to make yours bigger (taller mostly) and will probably need a hole in it which will add to the cost.
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