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Originally Posted by antlercarver View Post
When firearms really began to take off and become more common in Europe several hundred years ago I suspect that the "scroll work" was the style that was "in" at that time. As with all things the wealthy want it embellished and the market would dictate what was produced. That's my guess on how it got started, to why folks still do it ? I think overall gun owners are a traditional kind of bunch and the market is still there for it. It is an interesting question.


I know that some do other styles besides scrolls, I have seen them on hunting forums, but never on the engraving forums. 2 of the engravers post on the engraving forums, but I have never seen their other "style" posted on the engraving forums. It was the owners that posted the work on the hunting forum, not the engravers, kind of like they did not want anyone to see their "other side" of engraving.

Granted I am no expert, but the work was extremely nice and both got great reviews from other gun owners. I know one was contacted about another project, but I have no clue if he responded or not. At least I know there are 2 other engravers that think out of the box on firearm designs, if they want to keep their secret, I won't spill it. I bet there are several more that unique design ideas and want to keep it to themselves.
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