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I am not even an engraver but I do love Southwestern Cowboy Spurs and so I have taken an interest in their silver work which entails a great deal of wriggling. As you know and I have found out there is not a whole bunch of information on this technique and I am coming to this forum to possibly find a source of information about it. In particular I am interested in the different tools and techniques used to produce the various styles of wriggling. Attached is a URL to a small picture I made up which shows what I mean by different wriggling styles as I understand it and if anyone could give me information of the "techniques" or guide me where to go to find the information I would be grateful. I suppose if you have been doing this for 20 years there is no mystery to any of the "wriggle" methods but as I am not into engraving (just yet) I am in awe of some of the beautiful work done by this technique.

Thanks......kent [ ]

Opps a typo error my url is (no e)
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