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The vette was all done here in the shop.

The jeep started out that way here in my shop but it didn't stay. Last Fall I fixed the jeep body rust best I could and painted it similar to what I had done to it in 1987. I was thinking then just to fix it up good-enough to have it hold together a few more years. After I had the body painted I took it to town to a Randy Lofquist that has a business rebuilding classic cars. I was going to have him pull the motor and give the motor to another friend that does engine rebuilding. While the engine was being worked Randy was to clean up and paint the jeep's underside. Well, one thing lead to another, as it was being taken apart and I kept saying to Randy... you know, since we are this far let's go a little further, and before I knew we were doing a a full body off restoration. He is is doing a great job and is easy to work with. He doesn't do transmissions rebuilding and such though. So I did just finish rebuilding the transfer case in my shop. It is a dana-300 that is modified with 4 to 1 ratio. ..replaced bearings, cleaned up, painted.. etc and dropped it off to Randy last week. Randy has a website but he doesn't keep it updated. He has some other projects and motorcycles he is on at the same time as the jeep.

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