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Default '06 Blade Show Dinner Guest List

This is the tentative list for our 4th. Annual Blade Show Engravers Feast on Saturday night.
Dinner time is somewhere around 6:00 PM.
Place; Old Mill Steakhouse across from the Galleria.

Ray Cover & friend Mark
Steve & Karla Lindsay
Fred Marrinan
Tim & Kelly Adlam
Amayak Stepanyan
Arman Simonyan
Lori & Greg Ristinen
Ron Smith
Linda Shreck
Andy Shinosky
Jim Small
Mike Farrell
Scott Pilkington
Tim W
Don Cowles, Son & Granddaughter
Ron Nott
Carla and Dusty Moulton
Tim Clark
Dennis Greenbaum
David Darom
Bobby Branton
Joe Mason & son Brian
Tex Skow

Probable attendies;
Simon Lytton
Terrell Hoffman
Tom McArdle

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