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Originally Posted by DKanger View Post
Times sure change. I remember when you were a Mountain Man on the old Fur Traders chat back in the 90's before most of these fellers even knew what a computer was.

Wow! That brings back a lot of good memories!

Yep, that's back before we had web browsers and such and we had to use IRC (Internet Relay Chat). It was Shoshone Woman (Darla Moore) and me that got that Black Powder Chat thing going. I still have the Coon 'n Crockett Muzzleloaders website going and I'm a Lifetime Member of the club. And, I still have my leathers and my smoke poles. I'll never get out of that stuff. But, I drifted off into Cowboy Action Shooting and then subverted a bunch of the muzzle loader guys to do the same thing. I even got one of the Canadian national champion shooters so interested in CAS that we got it started up north of the border. Then, I went up there and won their Red River Plains Range Wars for them in 2005.

I took a couple of nasty falls and just about died a couple of times so my health deteriorated quite a bit. I only made it to two shoots last summer. I can't shoot at all this summer. But, once I get my hip fixed (hopefully this winter) I fully intend on getting back into everything again.

I've been into jewelry making for about 35+ years and the hand engraving has always been on my "bucket list" of things to do. Too bad I didn't get started right away when I first bought J.B. Meek's book about 30+ years ago. I'd probably be good at it by now.
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