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Default Re: R U a Cowboy Action Shooter?

howdy roger
i am also roger , roger barbee that is, alias hogshooter sass # 51243. i really like your 66 and i wish mine had turned out so nice. i dont have any pics of ityet but hope to get some soon. i live close to tulsa okla and am lucky enough to have 4 cowboy clubs within an hours drive and one of them about 5 minutes from my house . i shoot a pair of ran m coversions in 38 and love them , i have engraved one and started on the other. i also have made a couple pair of spursand engraved them as well . i have pics of them in the engravers- cafe. i to served some time in viet nam back in 68 ,and have worked on several good sized ranches in between doin construction work.been cowboy shooting for 5 yrs and usually run about the middle of the pack or just below when competeing at a shoot but i'm at the top of the list when it comes to having fun with my cowboy friends. i have admired your work since i first saw it and hope someday to be half as good as you.
i'll try and post some pics of my stuff an get them posted.
better get for now ya'll have a goodun
yourn truly
hogshooter ( roger barbee)
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