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Default Re: R U a Cowboy Action Shooter?


The nearest club to me is an hour away but it is worth it. Cowboy Action Shooting is the most fun I have had with a gun in my hand (Vietnam being the least) and I have shot in nearly every thing you can think of. CAS is a very family friendly sport and about 20% of the competitors are women.

For those not familiar with the sport, here is a link to the Single Action Shooting Society which is the governing organization of the sport:

Here is a link to a site called "Getting Started in Cowboy Action Shooting":

CAS is a shooting sport where engraved guns and accessories are used regularly. When I shoot I use engraved pistols, rifle, shotgun, Bowie knife, antique pocket watch, badge, and spurs. So there is lots of gear to use your engraving skills on.

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