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Default Re: Standing water in the studio this morning

Wow, holy cow... that's nothing anyone needs. Take care that you have a fan going to get the moisture out. That is really important. Otherwise you might catch mold. And that is bad as you will not see that for a long time.

What I highly recommend, and I build one in myself, is a sump pump. Break a hole into your basement floor, about 2ftx2ftx2ft. The best location would be at the lowest point of the basement and close to an outside wall. Then take TWO sump pumps and mount then in slightly different levels into that concrete walled hole you made, cover with a crate and you are set. Oh... of course you need a pip to the outside.

My pumps can cope with a broken water main in the basement without creating any water level whatsoever. Unfortunately that was proven... but not a biggie thank to the pumps. If one fails, the other one will still be pumping.

The pumps should not be connected to a gfci and in our towns code it is the only exception in the basement.

Hope you dry out soon, good luck, and great hollidays!
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