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Default Standing water in the studio this morning

Oh boy its gonna be one of those days.

I could use your prayers today guys. Holly woke me up this morning to tell me I had standing water on the studio floor. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently all this rain on an already saturated ground has found a way to seep into the basement along the north wall. When things dry out I am going to have to see what I can do about better drainage on that side of the house.

Anyway the girls and I have it pretty much dried up and I have made a irrigation system with rolled up towels to guide the water from where it is seeping to the floor drain so it doesn't flood the whole floor.

I could use your prayers that I can keep this under control and be able to work today rather than fight water all day. It has given me a real attitude problem this morning to boot.

Thanks guys,

Ray Cover
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