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Default Re: Newbie from Holland

Originally Posted by SEngraver View Post
Hi Creative Mind
Welcome To The Engraving Forum.
Dont see that as a problem but a blessing.
Many of us used to or started with palm push and hammer and chisel engraving ,which have been the most basic way first then the innovative air assisted airgravers came in.So you are on the right track and you will be proud of it later.
Just pursue what you are doing it is the best way to start off then hopefully learn H/Chisel.
You are cutting well and keep cutting soft metals for a start.Practice makes perfect
All the Best


Like to work on copper a lot since it has a beautiful red shine to it, plus as you said it is very soft therefore easy on graving the piece.

Hope in the future I will be able to combine the engraving with the Chasing&Repousse that Im practicing
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