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Default New Member wants to learn about engraving

I came across this Forum while doing some research on engraved Walther Model 9 pistols and decided to join so that I could learn more about the engraving process. In the past year or so there were a couple of posts on this site dealing with engraved and engraving Walther Model 9 pistols. I know almost nothing about engraving but I know a whole lot about Walther Model 9's.

Alas, I fear that I am never going to learn how to engrave. I lost the sight in my left eye a few years back and fine work like engraving is now beyond my abilities. But I am interested in learning about engraving.

As a collector of pre-WWII Walther firearms I have come across a many engraved examples and I am amazed how little the collecting community understands about engraving. There is a great deal of debate about when and where and who engraved certain pieces. I hope that here I can learn some of the details about the engraving process past and present.

Finally, I have had inquiries about the process of engraving existing pistols to enhance their beauty and value. I would like to learn about how to go about having a pistol engraved.

So, I hope that I will be welcomed to the site. I hope my presence here will not be a distraction to the Forum's goals.

Regards, Earl
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