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Default Re: New guy interested in this fine art.

Originally Posted by UAVoperatorFXEF View Post
Hello all,
Im currently deployed to iraq right now and was thinking about picking up a hobby to do on my off time. Looking around i came across this site. I have always admired quality engraving but never thought about starting until now. With a good couple months left over here i think it would be fun to try it out. Ive read a few threads so far and they were all very informative. I definitly plan on doing more research for what ill need to start out with exactly. I definitly think it would be a thrill to do some work on one of my harleys when if/when I get good enough.
I am a hobist Engraver, but only trying to teach my self from book and DVDs. I do not engrave offten because of being handicap along with the strong pain medication i have to take, but i am trying. i can use a chase hammer and chisels also air hand engraver. I have a long ways to go but i am learning. I am not that young in my 60's got injury in the military in the 1980's but it caught up with me year 2000 thing start geting worse lat of the 90's and by 2000 had to stop working. but i have very much engraving equipment and supply. Most likely to much. I learn a lot from you internet site thankls a lot.

Earl Carter
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