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Default New Australian based member

Hello to all..

I am a new member here, living in Australia, having moved here just over 2 years ago from Scotland... and have zero experience engraving metal, though I have some a fair bit of work with a Dremmel on stone and wood.

My work lies elsewhere, decorative concrete, though most of my adult life I worked in the music business, so very much a hobby thing for me.

I have my whole life enjoyed doing celtic artwork, mostly paintings and ink drawings, but for my last 18 months in Scotland, I enjoyed carving celtic designs onto stones from my local river, where I fished every day of the season, man I miss my river, so those stones are very dear to me.

I also carved runes on stone and wood.

It would mean a lot to me to put celtic material on metal.

Rodstan via PM has been very kind to offer me some advice on getting myself started , and recommended getting some graver tools, I have looked on E-Bay USA and there is a multitude of different ones on offer... given I can't just get one any time I want I would prefer to get one that has at least a bit of quality to it and won't fall apart after 2 weeks, so would appreciate a recommendation if someone has knowledge of what's on offer.

Some of the handles come in groups of 6, given I will be working celtic design, will I need more than one? also the graver points.. how many and what types? Sharpner? Anything else? LOL

If anyone here does celtic work I would sure love to see it and share.

I attach a pic. of one of my basic knots on stone, one of my most treasured belongings from the Earn river Comrie Scotland.

Thanks in advance for any help
p.s. Aye it's a lot hotter here than home coming from -5 to 40+ is severe
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