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Default Hello From Florida

Hello Everyone My name is Alberto, I am a former Gunsmith and now a New Engraver. I've always wanted to get into Firearm Engraving but never really had the time. I know i have a long ways to go before i tough a firearm with a graver, but i am very much motivated and determined to reach my goal. currently i am using a homemade Air Graver setup that i made myself. definitely not the quality of a professional system but for practice for right now it will do. i am saving up money to hopefully buy a complete kit from Lindsay in the Beginning of this upcoming year. i have my Eye on the (PalmControl® Classic or NitroG20™ engraving set with sharpener). I hope to gain new knowledge and tips form you guys in the forum and one day be able to return the favor. Thank You guys for all the wonderful material you've put on this forum, i will try my best to put everything to good use.
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