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Thank you all again for the welcomes

Originally Posted by Joe PAonessa View Post

I also have a P1-2 that I use for making coin dies. I mostly use the panto for lettering and do the rest with hammer and chisel for material removal and chisels and gravers for final detailing. You will like using air assist for cutting your patterns, it's much faster and I rarely slip now. Do you strike your own pieces or do you make your dies for someone else?

Joe Paonessa
I am learning to use the gorton at work to do outlines and all....hand gravers/rotary tool to remove material, and hand gravers to do the sculpt. I am still mostly doing patterns right now, we have 2 other guys doing the dies themselves, and one of the guys is retiring, so I'm taking the "easy" dies when he stops. We are a full mint; doing dies, blanks, striking coins, and building the machines to dispense them.

I want to learn hand engraving, as rewarding as die engraving is, doing work in the positive will be a challenge and a whole lotta fun. Never thought about getting an airgraver for the patterns, maybe my boss will spring for it,
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