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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
It seems that new members that quickly go to air power have a much lower dropout rate versus new members that only do only push or hammer and chisel.
Could partially be that the financial commitment forces them to try harder. But the big thing is the learning curve is much faster, and can get encouraging results much faster.

Some people advance very fast. They seem to have in common: An above average talent in art, took engraving lessons, and bought an air power system.
Since you have a good art background, and work in a similar field, and have some experience with a push graver, maybe you would be an exception.

I only do push engraving, but I do not buy the argument that you should learn push engraving or hammer and chisel before going to air power.
Kevin Scott
Those are valid points, and help me out alot. At the moment, the investment in an airgraver is out of the question, but at least starting from the ground up, I can collect tools I need and understand the entire process, ESPECIALLY sharpening gravers and honing a tight, disciplined technique. When I learned to do tattoos, I had to learn by MAKING my own coil machine, making needles, making coils, and even hand tap needles; all in order to realize the art as a discipline and vice versa. I figured on learning from the ground up before taking into consideration that a lot of people, especially those that have been in the field A LONG time (before airgravers) would tell me to start off with manual methods.

funny thing is that after looking at a few pictures of Steve Lindsay's patented graver points, it is VERY close to what I sharpen my acetate graver to....except I have a groove in the tip (on the top) and not the hexagon flat. I also round off the heel, since I can't vary the thicknes in my patterns (that will cause my stylus to jump=die DESTRUCTION of epic proportions, .

next week, I do plan on trying to put a heel on my hand graver and seeing if i can get sharper lines on a coin die I'm making of a tree frog.
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