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Thanks SEnegraver and mrthe. I get most my tools from another company, but those are mostly the auxilliary stuff (diamond laps, diamond slurry, polishing stones, etc....) As far as gravers are concerned, I have been checking out blanks on steve's site, I am very interested in getting some, along with the sharpening jig. I'm thinking I will be starting from the ground up and going for palm push, as this is what I do on Acetate to make my patterns to put on the panto-graph, the concept is similar (not exact I can imagine, acetate is quite a bit softer than metal).

I am actually kind of interested in learning what advantage the airgraver has over conventional tap and hammer or palm. I watched a few of Steve's videos to get and idea, (wow, I hope I can get as good as him one day), but I haven't seen anything on tap and hammer or palm pushing...

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