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Default Re: hey from las Vegas!

Your work is great. The detail is outstanding and it is easy to see that you have a good deal of artistic talent. You will find on this and the igraver forum and the knifenetwork -fine embellishment forum that there are many who practice the art of scrim. Color scrim is very popular but the black and white is great as well. Do you work in pointillism or lines or a combination of both? It won't be long until someone talks you into giving bulino style engraving a try or perhaps a bit of nickel carving. The art crosses a wide spectrum of methods. As to your subject mater for these pieces-you will find a great many artist her and musicians and western artists but you will find that there is a fare number of old bikers as well-myself included. You will find several who do motorcycle engraving in its various forms. Welcome and look forward to seeing more of your work.
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