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Default Re: Inexpensive way to give it a try

Originally Posted by mucha View Post
Hello everyone.

I'm a n00b with an art degree and and an interest in starting a new hobby (read "obsession"). When I saw this post title "Inexpensive way to give it a try" it seemed perfect.

Anyway, just want to say "Greetings!", and I'm looking forward to reading through the forum and hopefully trying my hand at the gorgeous art/craft of engraving.

Originally Posted by samwhitley View Post
novice at engraving. have scratched lines with gravers, but with little control. Interested in learning ro use my gravers better and to be able to understand what engraving techniques were used to produce specific results.

Sam Whitley
Welcome Mucha and Sam!

Originally Posted by mylaijuan View Post
I started my training in engraving from 92 to 94 in Cuba and then in Russian from 96 to 99 so I have been engraving for over 17 years. I have a pretty good idea what engraving is.
I need to know if there is a place in Miami, or close to the area where I can take a look at the pieces and the way they work. I am very enthusiastic about this Idea and I am willing to add it to my career, but I need to have more detais about this purchase and the way they work.
Hi mylaijuan, Jerry here on the forum is from Florida. There are several others I believe also. Jerry, if you see this post, how far is Miami from you?
Steve Lindsay