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A dusty town named Libby
Where do you want me to unload this truck? ” the driver asked.
With a sad sigh, Tom said. “She’s been a good truck for me, Amigo. She has taken me over two hundred fifty thousand miles. But I reckon she has finished her last rodeo.
Do you know where we can buy a used car here?” The driver could sense a sale in the making as he said, “I certainly do Se˝ior. My brothers and I have a wrecking yard, and we have many vehicles that have been repaired and are in very good drivable condition..Why don’t you and me take your truck over there, let my brother look at it, then see what we have?
The Gonzales Brothers Towing Company was located on a large fenced in dirt lot.
In front a gaunt Rottweiler named Rambo was chained to a truck tire guarding at least twenty dust covered cars and trucks, stacks of windows, wheels, fenders, doors and all sorts of parts displayed in front of a large concrete block workshop where someone was using an acetylene torch to remove the axle of a wrecked van.
As soon as they stopped, the welder shut off the torch and crawled out from under the van, removed his goggles, gloves, and walked up to the tow truck. Wiped the sweat from his face and neck, and said “ Howdy” to Tom and Billy. “This is my older brother Maximo, he┤s the boss here. Me, I am Domingo.” The tow truck driver said. “My other brothers are named Honesto who is the sheriff and mayor of Libby, Modesto, Ernesto and Fortunato work for the town, and the youngest is Ultimo.” Then he pointed to a roadside tin hut. “He is not too smart, but he makes very good tacos over there.
My father… God rest his soul; said he was a mistake, caused by too much tequila and that is why he┤s not too quick.” Maximo stood beside the tow trailer, studying Tom’s truck as it he was a butcher deciding
how to cut up a side of beef. He thought, “The camper will make a good shack for my roosters, the tires and wheels are saleable and the bed will make a nice trailer for someone.
Who knows what else I can sell? Maybe the motor can be fixed. I will offer the gringo one hundred dollars in trade if he buys a car from me. “,
He motioned Domingo to pull the truck over and unload. When the truck was back on the ground, Gimpy went wild. She began barking and scratching frantically to get out of the camper.
Billy realized the dogs’ emergency and knew that she needed to relieve herself. When he opened the camper door Gimpy flew out. She ran under his legs, paused for one second, then made a beeline run towards Rambo the Rottweiler... who was on his feet with his hackles up and teeth snapping menacingly?
Then he charged the small three legged mutt that was now entering his domain. When he hit the end of his chain, Gimpy squatted down just out of reach. She urinated, defecated, then sprayed dust and dirt into his eyes, turned around and went to sit next to Billy.
When Tom said “When a female has got do she has to go” everyone there broke down in fits of laughter. Maximo was still laughing as he said. “I will give you only one hundred dollars for the truck, but I will pay you three hundred more for that dog.”
Tom looked at the line of trucks and cars for sale, shook his head, looked at the dog, winked at Billy as he said. “Amigo, what you have here is not what we want. We are looking for a highway sedan with power steering, air conditioning, and a stereo radio, We have miles to go and we want to travel in comfort.”
“Ah Se˝ior, do you have money for such a car” Maximo asked? If you have enough, I know of such a car. It is a1996 Chevy Caprice that belongs to my brother the mayor Honesto. Who inherited from our sainted mother “God rest her soul?” Would you like to see it?”
Billy took Tom aside and whispered to him:”Tom should we even consider buying from a Mexican Mayor named Honesto. It may be stolen.”
Overhearing this Maximo became angry. “I am insulted. My brother is named Honesto because my father named him so. And he taught him to live up to that name. I will swear to you on the Bible that the car has a clear title and all documents are in order. My brother Fortunato is the town clerk, and he has personally seen to it, and can give you all the documents, also new license plates. I will take you to look at it and you can decide. “
As Tom got into Maximo┤s truck he said. “I tell you what, Billy you stay here with our truck and Gimpy while I take a look see.”
It turned out that the car was exactly what Tom wanted, even though he suspected it had been stolen. The title was a perfect copy, and, the documents were in order. After a test drive followed by a long and heated discussion over the price. It was finally settled for thirty seven hundred and a tank full of gas.
When he returned to the wrecking yard with the car, Billy was not there, nor was Gimpy. At first he was concerned, then he saw them walking towards the taco stand and realized how hungry he was. “Maximo, let┤s eat some of your brother Ultimo┤s tacos. The highway patrol told me they are very good...” At the suggestion, Maximo┤s face lit up with a large crooked smile.
“Good!! They are much better than good Se˝ior, and my cousin who is the Highway patrol officer you met this morning, did you and me a great service by providing us with the new license plates.
I must thank him when we meet in church this Sunday. And now that you and your friend are about to leave Libby do you need help unloading the truck, and will you sell me the dog?”
The idea of selling Gimpy was too much for Billy. He wiped his mouth with a paper napkin, swallowed the last bite of taco, stood up and said. “If I sold you this dog she would kill your Rottweiler and then run away to find me. The answer is NO! Do not ask again.”
Maximo raised his hands in friendly surrender, then shrugged as he said, “One can always ask.
She is a brave dog, and you my young friend are a good master.” then he smiled, and again asked if they needed help unloading the truck. “As a matter of fact there are things in the camper that we will not take with us and we will leave them for you. Other than that there is nothing that we cannot take care of” Tom said.
Billy and Tom packed the banjo, guitar, mandolin and the packsack into the trunk. Put the harmonica and Dogs for Dummies and Tom┤s Colt into the glove box. Billy picked up Gimpy and put her on the front seat and asked Tom for the car keys.
To be continued
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