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Default Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

This is Jose Gpe. Ruiz from Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. I'm engineer and a full time bladesmith and knifemaker from CUCHILLOS ARTESANALES RUIZ.

I've been in this forum from 03-05-2009 and I engrave some time and a little every time but at the past christmas I got my artisan and I'm really really happy and satisfied the artisan is really a great quality and strong tool, purrs like a kitten but cuts like a Tiger.
for now I'm practicing to know it and learn to control it but I hope in a few time show the first one of my knives engraved with my artisan.

Steve and Karla thank you very much.

Best regards.


Photos of simple practices

In this scrimshaw I begin bare hand and retouch with the artisan.

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