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Default Newb from Smashville (hockey talk for Nashville)

Hello all, my name is Mike Hill. Like I need another hobby - i.e. vehicle for escaping life's harassments! - but have admired engraving for quite some time, and am ready to take on learning the basics of engraving this winter. Especially after drooling after some of Bill Oyster's rods. Unfortunately, fly fishing and rod building are other hobbies! Trying to do my homework on the various ways and engraving systems and seem to have settled for a Lindsay, partly because that is my daughter's name - but he spells it incorrectly - should be with an 'e'. Just weighing the pros and cons between an Artisan and a Classic. Palm control is way outta my league right now. Not asking my wife about this purchase - shhhh its a secret - it is much easier to hide a few hundred $$ rather than $k's. I already have some rods and reels and a bbq smoker or two she doesn't know about! Are there any engravers in or around Nashville?
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