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Default Hello From Georgia!

Hello! Im new to engraving, ive grown up around watching my grandfather engrave all sorts of cool things and now that hes not here anymore, i have decided that id like to start engraving too. I will most definitely be getting an airgraver (probably the classic model). But i also plan on taking a class(es) here in the near future. As for my particular interests, I really like everything! I believe that each technique, style, and design is original and is unique in its own way ( i love scrolls and the bulino style engravings) My current interests are mainly firearms but id love to do some knives, jewelry, and well, everything haha. I dont plan on selling things at this point in time (maybe) just mainly for my leisure and to give family members. The reward for me, is not measured by the amount id make per piece, but more so on the smile i can bring to peoples faces and the self gratification to say "i made that." Im a very avid learner and would appreciate any information i will need to get started including books or information on the airgraver itself, or things like vises and such and anything you think is good information for me to know
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