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Default Re: New Member wants to learn about engraving


Thanks for the response.
I purchased the Walther Model 9 411411 at a Greg Martin auction several years ago. The pistol came out of a large collection that belonged to a wealthy fellow from California who had passed away. The mother-of-pearl grips are original Walther grips, but not original to this gun. The gun was manufactured in 1921, the first year of production. I can not say when it arrived in America. I assumed that it was a GI bring back at the end of WWII. But some Model 9's were imported into the US from 1921 until 1938 or '39. Imported guns all have a tiny "MADE IN GERMANY" stamp. But if the gun was engraved in the US then the engraving might have erased the import stamp. It is a truly lovely piece.

Model 9 651216 was brought back in 1945 by a released American POW who traded for it when he got out of prison. It is authentic in every way.

The third Walther in the pictures, serial number 414817, is a very interesting pistol showing engraving done by probably three different engravers of varying skill. I will post pictures of this pistol under a separate heading.

Regards, Earl
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