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Default Re: Unacceptable failure???

I agree that the linerlock should not have failed even though they're not the most secure of locking mechanisms for a knife. The Sebenza lock is the best I know of and I wouldn't trust it, either. If you're in a situation where you MUST trust it and your life depends on it, then you have to trust it and hope for the best. The best survival knife is the one you have on you when you need it and that's probably going to be a folder. If you want a knife you can completely trust, a good fixed blade is just the thing. It's just not as handy to carry around all the time and having one strapped to your belt wherever you go raises a lot of eyebrows at the very least.

I'd talk to the maker. I don't know what will come of it, but I'd definitely talk to him.

As to dispatching the deer, a deep slicing cut along the side of the neck will sever the carotid artery putting the animal down very quickly and relatively painlessly. The aortic artery runs along the spine and is harder to reach. Severing the femoral artery is also a quick way to bleed out an animal. Most recommended would be a hammer blow to the back of the skull... but not everyone carries a hammer in their car.

Because of game laws, it's usually best just to call a trooper.
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