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Default Re: Unacceptable failure???

Yes I will be fine, no tendon damage.
If you hold your right hand up palm towards you and mentally draw a line that travels at a 45 degree angle from the top (as your looking at your palm) starting at your first knuckle and running towards the end of your finger and make the cut hit the bone then scream multiple obcenities.
Like I said eight stitches were needed to patch me up.
It is likely thatfor the next month or so I wont be doing anything where I might bump it, but I will be fine.
This happened on Sun night.
This is a very nice knife with a 4 inch long blade and while not assisted opening it still opens very smoothly after years of service with no blade wobble.
I absolutly believe this is a quality piece of workmanship that I purchaced through a very reputable website.
I tested it as recomended by Mcharon slapping the spine against the table edge... it failed to stay locked open under even the most gentle of taps.
A dismal performance.
I will return to have work done on it.
Am I being unrealistic in expecting it to perform flawlessly, out of the box untill the day it suffers catastrophic failure due to metal fatige of the liner lock/spacer?
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