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Default Re: Unacceptable failure???

Originally Posted by JRon View Post
I had an automatic open in my pocket once (I was lucky, I still have a deep voice).
JR, you crack me up. I had an OTF do the same thing to me. Luckily I never got around to upgrading the spring in it. It's back in the "collection" where it belongs.


Chad, it's one thing to carry a knife that displays your work ... it's another thing to carry one that is intended for self defense. Sometimes I carry two for just that reason.

Every second counts and a small fixed blade on your belt or a decent size, assisted opening, tactical folder clipped to your pocket is what you need. Proficiency with the right knife will always put you at an advantage ... even against an adversary carrying a deep concealment firearm.

Good thing that deer couldn't fight back and most of all that things worked out.
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