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Default Knife collector

Hi there,

I'm about to post here on the forum a pretty nice work I commissioned to Alain Lovenberg. I wanted to introduce myself before speaking : -)

I registered here in 2011 and I collect knives for more that 30 years, so... well... you can't really call me a newbie, although I am absolutely unable to engrave anything by myself !

I'm just a french knife collector (I live in Paris), and I certainly think that a knife is even better with a great engraving. As a collector, I value first the quality of the initial drawing and the way it fills in and fits the overall knife's design. Then comes the execution and the engraving skills... and I know what it takes. CPM is such a nice metal when it comes to knife engraving, isn't it : -) ?

Thank you Mr Lindsay for running this forum.
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