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hello everyone

no no this is not another political rant about the state of affairs in iraq that seem to be so numerious now days. instead it is to tell everyone that yes, yet again, i am heading over to iraq come june-ish. this time i will probably be over there for 18 months or so and with the army instead of the marine corps. hopefully i will be able to pack up my engraving stuff and take it with me, but i highly doubt that they will be happy with me taking a damn 40lb gravermiester with me much less a big power hone. so i might have to be taking a break from learning to engrave. besides the fact that i wouldn't exactly be comfortable having a quantity of silver laying around while i work on it, things like that would probably tend to disappear rather quickly. than again if i had a palm control or something like that then i would be able to handle that rather easily, but of course it's the age old problem of no money maybe i will smuggle my collection and push gravers along and find some scrap metal laying around that the machinist guys won't miss too much. or i might be able to knock out a carved coins.... i guess i should figure out how to ask the boss if i can borrow the ball vise for awhile. so y'all have fun and keep cutting away and posting some nice stuff that i can look at while i am stranded in the desert.
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