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Default Re: Alaskan, recently plunged into the arena

you betcha!

i was surprised i was able to get free shipping on the compressor it is 40 some pounds and Alaska is not normally accepted for free shipping and UPS at that that could easily cost me over a hundred bucks.. but hey these guys are located in San diego, so your not far off.... i spent some time in sonoma county...

as for the rotary tool... i figure no matter what i will use that baby a lot as i have relied on a dremel for decades and they vibrate so bad and get hot, it is truly miserable, so no matter what that tool will be of great use. i have carved antler, ivory, Horn and various woodsand i am looking forward to getting out of the "old Farm Truck" and Taking a ride in a new turbo charged Sports car.
Heck I realize i invest in quality tools i never regret it....
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