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Default Re: Alaskan, recently plunged into the arena

well i figured the more capacity of the tank the less the motor will have to cycle.

the model i ordered is also 1 HP. looks like it is perfectly suited for our task. also for the rotary tool which i found a good price on the NSK presto hand piece:

$379 and they will ship postal Priority mail.

another i found on e-bay started at $435 for just the handpiece and the distributor listed by Lindsay told me on the phone today $529 hand piece only. I also found a youtube tutorial on how to change the chuck for the bits when it gets loose, and also the turbine motor... they are considered consumables.

i asked a handpiece repair guy about another handpiece that looks similar and robust, but he told me the NSK is smaller lighter and the other was brand Nakamura, made that typical high pitch whining noise of the typical dental torture chamber. no need to look further, NSK for me.

the air compresser has a regulator and also my order from lindsay has a regulator and filter, so i figure i am using them both but not at the same time... should be perfect. today i found a nice carbon dioxide cylinder that can be used for more capacity if i need.

good luck man!

thanks for the reply by the way

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