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Default Alaskan, recently plunged into the arena

Hi there,

I have been lurking since last fall. in December i bought what i refer to as Cinderella's slipper. it was a engravers vise.

last friday i bought the setup for a classic graver with the foot pedal regulators and sharpening systems, and a CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS 4610A air compressor.

the clock is ticking very slowly as i now wait till it all arrives.

i have also determined it is time for me to upgrade to the NKS presto high speed rotary tool. i have been using Dremel tools for 30 years and it is time.
so tomorrow i will find the best possible price i can and Jump on it.

only other thing i am thinking after that is a microscope, i actually like the Leica A-60 i have seen with the deep focus depth.

I have been doing various crafts for 30 years and have always wanted to go for the engraving. i was blessed with hard earned cash this summer and so determined to follow my heart.

carving with a dremel has really been a compromise of the quality i have always wanted to achieve, so i stepped up this week...

winter is coming, the leaves are turning colors and the birds are gathering for their flight south... soon the frigid cold will be here and i plan to spend some time in my warm house loading wood in the stove, carving and praying the price of silver comes down just a bit...

i appreciate all the great information everyone has contributed to here.

wishing you all the best

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