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Default Another new guy

Hi everyone, My names Saign (pronounced sane) I live in the LA area and am a propmaker in the film industry. I specialize in making weapons and armor as well as cool stuff out of metal. I also make metal art on the side, mostly armor related, as well as chasing and repousse pieces.

I've been very interested in engraving for a long time and am very exited about the content on this site and the willingness to share. I've got a little experience with push gravers and recently got into hammer and chisel engraving, which translates more for me because of my experience in chasing and repousse. I don't hace a lot of time with either technique so I'm not very good at either but am determined to learn. I've been intrigued by airgraves for a while and am hoping to invest in one soon.

Anyways I'm glad to find this place and hope to learn a lot from all the talented artist on here
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