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Default Re: The $$$700,000.000.00 BAIL OUT, What You Think???

Normally I would think this was a bit off topic, but it isn't.

The world has fallen in love with the China price. This exported tens of thousands of Jewellery Jobs to China
and India. The effects have been felt from major cities right down to the country side. Most people now
think of the China price as being normal and what jewellery should cost.

What is the China price like? If a setter makes around $3.00 per stone on setting a one in a pavé ring.
this same stone is set for .10˘ in China. If it cost $60.00 to clean and finish a ring in North America,
the China price is $2.00 or less.

From North American diamond dealers lowest one pointer you can buy is J-K, SI2.
What is coming from China and India is H-I, I5. What's the difference for the members that don't know
diamonds. The first North Am price is $200.00 per carat. The second China lot is around $25.00

This is compounded by the fact that China keeps it's currency the Lewon, artificially low against other world

This is the way a lot of different thing are rather than just jewellery. Jobs have been being exported at
a breath taking rate. The politicians pander to those who are the salesmen for the China price.
They see nothing wrong and say that's free trade.

They forget the golden rule of Politics which is, "To keep most of the people employed, most of the time".
700 billion is nothing to what is going to have to be paid. Which begs the question if the middle class is not fully
employed or employed in jobs that make a North American wage. Who is going to pay for these bail outs?
The rich? I don't think so. So where is the money going to come from for the 2700 billion dollar bail out?

The politicians need to wake up and see there is a war going on. We're losing at the banks.

The small businessmen and craftsman have been abandon or forgotten about. I for one will still fight on
and try to make a living. I wish the odds weren't stacked against me as much as they are.


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