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Default Re: Katherine's Contest Submission (Scrimshaw woo hoo!)

It's getting so close to done!!! :whoo:

I was going to keep working on the middle section (the blank spot that will be pine trees) tonight but decided I'd better do a "work in progress" pic before I did any more, so I guess I'll just do that part in one fell swoop, tomorrow. Today I worked on the foreground.

All that's left is the middle section of trees, and then I'll make sure everything is properly inked, and I *might* work back into it to pick out some light highlights. I'm not sure yet about that, and that has to be the absolute last thing after all the inking is done.

I didn't want the foreground hillside to be distracting, just wanted an indication of ground. I'd thought about doing flowers and all that but decided that was too finicky and I would be better off keeping it really simple and keeping the focus on the bears.

I started by just putting in a light gray tone:

And then some lines (well, they're dotted lines) to indicate stalks of grass:

And then more gray tone and a bit of gradation to make it more solid. This an area where I may pick out some highlights. We'll see!

So here's where it's at today:

Should be just a day or two more, and then it'll be about two weeks til it's framed (I'll post a pic of that when it's all done).