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Default Re: Katherine's Contest Submission (Scrimshaw woo hoo!)

The question comes up sometimes "Is scrimshaw the same as bulino?" I have never done bulino engraving, but the answer is no, at least not the way I do scrim (I'm hesitant to say that's universal, because I really don't know). I am not removing any of the ivory/micarta/whatever. There are no little chips to be popped out, I'm merely poking holes and/or scratching lines.

Generally it takes very little pressure, unless you're working on solid black areas, which can be maddenly difficult because no matter how many holes you make there is always going to be some high ground that won't hold ink. If you've ever done a stipple drawing with an ink pen, it's a lot like that. If you haven't done that, you should, it's a good test to find out whether or not scrimshaw will cause you to go insane. :willy_nilly:

So what I've been working on over the last couple days (mostly today, it was a busy weekend with other distractions such as a horse show) was to create the texture of bark on the tree trunk. I'll say right now the tree is definitely NOT finished. I will be working back into it to add more shadow, but I want to scrim the bears before I do that. So the next step is going to be the bears, then more work on the tree, and then the background.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! I'll post work-in-progress pics and explain what I'm doing but if there something specific you want me to ramble on about, I'll happily oblige. :talk: