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Default Re: Western Bright Cut Tutorial

Hi Steve. I didn't realize that you had posted your message to Brian until I had written and posted a reply of my own. OOPS! Oh well I hope no one is upset. Here is what I had to say. I hope it is useful.

First of all let me say that I'm quite new here. But having said that, I have been researching the tools as thoroughly as I can as I wanted to spend my limited funds as wisely as possible. Steve Lindsay recommended that I try the tungsten piston for bright cutting so that's what I have done. It not only works well, to me it is amazing how well this little tool works. I have been cutting in some brass and this little beauty just peels right through it. Also I had some concerns about the longevity of the tool in demanding use. I had a chance to talk to Steve and he described how the hammering system is designed and this put my mind at ease in that regard also. I've been buying and using tools professionally for over 35 years now and this tool is as fine as anything else I have ever used. The thing that stands out about this air graver is the guy that makes it. I've not met Steve, but have been very impressed with him here on this forum and in any contact that I've had with him.

You asked about the palm control. I have the classic with foot control so can't comment on the palm control. For me the foot control is very intuitive probably because as a saddle maker using a sewing machine daily I don't even have to think about the gas pedal.

Here are three links to suppliers of micro fine papers and films.


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