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Default Re: A short discourse on traditional metal finishes

Thanks for this education on finishes. I have been thinking about finishes for a while and reading what i could find. Could you expound on modern/easier/less expensive/Quicker ? metal finishes ? Some things I could do here at home without thousands in investment ? In another forum i read about an aqua ammonia coloring of brass. Haven't had time to try it yet. I have checked out Brownell's sytem's..... Pricey to get into. Also read about Casey Birchwood stuff I think its called. Will probably experiment with that stuff at first. I would like to leave a center area "clean" and blue around the oval to the edges.But then how to protect the bare metal in the center? Don't know if an airbrush would be needed or a regular brush could be used. Don't know what it would do to an airbrush either.... I have read about bead blasting also. If you or someone could point me in the right direction for a pencil blaster recommend I'd appreciate that very much . Can a carbide tip be had for it ? what diameter orifice. I can get a cheapo small benchtop cabinet for $110.00. I recently sold my 48"x 30" sandblast cabinet. But its just up the street. Your tutorials and posts continue to enlighten me and helps build my knowledge. Cant thank you enough. Rickw
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