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Originally Posted by Ddbltrbl
Question for puffer (or anyone else),
It may just be my lack of exposure, but I don't remember seeing anything quite like the thin 5-pointed star in a circle pattern that used on grip and back of the hammer (is that the right term for the part that holds the flint?) of several of these Scottish pistols. Are you aware of any particular significance or symbolism it has for the Scotts?
OK, here goes.

FIRST though, "Disclaimers"
1. My "thoughts" are only mine & they may be correct or not.:innocent:
2. There is NO WAY we can be definitive Esp. since we do not have the info on the owner(s)

Thoughts (IMHO)

1. What it is NOT. It is NOT a Pentagram !!!
Therefor (IMHO) It is NOT:
A. Pagan or Witca etc.
2. It is NOT Masonic.

A. Simply a common Design.
B. A Christian Symbol ( Star of Jacob,Star of Jesus, Star of Bethlehem etc)
1. The Scots @ this time were quite "religious" ( Catholic, Presbyterian,Episcopal) note it has been found on Gravestones ( esp, Presbyterian)
C. HERALDRY - the 5 pointed star is called a "MULLET" NOTE - the English "MULLET" differs from the Scottish, in that the English Millet is solid, But the Scottish Mullet is "PIERCED"

IMHO @ least 2 of the examples are MULLET (Scottish Versions)

Note, both of these are "Pierced" 5 point Stars.

Here is a later ( 1860 ++) example of an English "MULLET" being used by by the Cameron Rifles.

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