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Default Noob trying to figure out how to get started

Hi Everyone,

I'm a total noob to engraving trying to figure out how to get started. While I'm an engineer, I have dabbled in art all my life with most of my experience in drawing and airbrushing. I have been collecting fountain pens for decades and I recently started making my own with the intent to make them into little pieces of (engraved) art.

My first questions are about the equipment I need / should get. Should I start with a push hand graver to learn the feeling, or is it really worth getting an airgraver (used?). Is a ball swivel vise like the Dremel good enough for small parts (pen clips, caps) or should I really invest in a GRS ball vise? If so, what size? Are there any good places to look for used tools?

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
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