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Default Leather and Armor Artisan

Greetings all, I'm an artist or artisan using a number of mediums and have been creating armor and other custom works professional since 07. I'm self taught and I'm always looking to pick up new abilities to add to my skillset to enhance the custom services I offer. I've recently decided it was about time to figure out the art of engraving as I would like to use it to enhance some of my works.

At this point in time the majority of what I do is in leather, but increasingly I'm trying to get more projects in metal. I like to add a lot of embellishment when I can so it seems engraving would be a natural next step. I came across this forum while beginning my search. It seems the more I learn the more questions I have haha. Maybe some of you guys will be able to help me out along the way : )

Here are a few of my armor works:

And some of my metal and weapon works:

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