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I noticed you're looking for repeatable graver points, a very good idea. I have recently purchased a used Lindsay Universal template and graver holder, I obtained it with the thought of lending it for set periods to those looking to get into engraving but could not afford or could not justify spending money on a dream they were unsure of. I was intending to put together a kit that could sharpen and heel HSS for the Universal graver point but have not gotten that far as of yet. What I'm getting to is would you find use for the template? It requires 3/32 square graver blanks and sharpening stones set at 1/2 inch above the floor of the template. Nothing you can't figure out or find out about. I won't receive the template until the end of the week but if you're interested you can be the first user, let me know and we'll get you going with repeatable graver geometry.

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