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Hello, my name is Sam Salvati, I am a blacksmith and toolmaker and bladesmith. I am looking to learn more about engraving, I took a class offered by the NC black company, at Peter's Valley Craft Center in NJ, I became reinterested in it through a desire to try my hands at making some simple tools to use for rusty shovel type gouging of steel in a very poor mimic of engraving type decoration for ornamental iron and tools. I would like to refine it a bit, for some basic but cleaner looking work. I am here to see beautiful work and learn from it, and to learn techniques and maybe meet some folks to learn a few tips and tricks. Anything I know I will freely share thank you for allowing me to learn from you folks.

I have only in the past couple of days started trying out different things, I realize my biggest hurdle so far is lack of precise and repetitive angles on my gravers. I am engraving steel. I bought the Scroll template set from Ngraver, and am teaching myself scrolls, which I look forward to trying in steel.

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