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Default Re: Need engraver for guitars

Hello Gary. I think I have one good reason not to much interest. we need to talk. Instinctively most these guys have just said why to much work, can't be done or will cost the guy to much money. I didn't count every letter but it is close to 600 letters without punchuations. Everyone I know charges by the letter even the machine engravers. Scrimshawers by the hour. You might find a machine engraver with computer based equipment to do something like this for $.50 a letter an old going price 8 to 10 years ago plus layout time. I know WOW. That being said. what are the plane inlays made of. Matching this material for the engraving strip sounds like a ideal look. I think the pieces would have to be cut and prefitted then engraved then do the filial application. Any bending after the application of the engraving is likely to distort the engraved letters ( all bends done before engraveing) AND you will not be able to do sanding or harsh polishing over the lettered areas causing damage here too. Set into the wood at the right depth would allow you to put on your finishes for a level surface. I do a little wood work too, nothing so grand as yours so I have little understanding. chickenscratcher
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