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Default Re: Need engraver for guitars

Hi Gary. Thought I would take a look at your idea because I like it. Here are a few observations I have. I printed this creed out ( which printed in about a size 8 font ) and cut out the lines, put them end to end and had 45 1/2 inches. if you you do the same at several differnt font sizes i would guess letters of no more than 1/4 inch is more like what you have room for. I think around a 16 or 18 font size. Next what font style are you thinking? a block takes up less space than a script but is harder to do. As far as the engraving its self it will be very hard to do while on the guitar or as a on-broaken piece. Could this strip be applied in say pieces 5 to 10 inches long? If it could a lot of options open up to materials. and ways to do it. For instance, strips of ivory can be had and insted of engraving they would be scrishawed, Even 4 to 5 inch pieces of mother of pearl could be used, Sterling silver, nickel silver, brass. or even thin bars of gold or gold filled material could be used if worked just right. I hope this helps a little in your designing.,,,,,, chickenscratcher
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