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Originally Posted by csstone78 View Post

I am actually kind of interested in learning what advantage the airgraver has over conventional tap and hammer or palm.
It seems that new members that quickly go to air power have a much lower dropout rate versus new members that only do only push or hammer and chisel.
Could partially be that the financial commitment forces them to try harder. But the big thing is the learning curve is much faster, and can get encouraging results much faster.

Some people advance very fast. They seem to have in common: An above average talent in art, took engraving lessons, and bought an air power system.
Since you have a good art background, and work in a similar field, and have some experience with a push graver, maybe you would be an exception.

I only do push engraving, but I do not buy the argument that you should learn push engraving or hammer and chisel before going to air power.
Kevin Scott
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