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Default Re: Potential Beginner Looking to Learn Engraving in NJ

Originally Posted by KeithPedersen View Post
Bill in Oceanport, Glad you stopped by and are so close. Good luck with your engraving and call or stop by anytime. Keith
Keith spent around two hours with me last evening.


Thank you again for showing & letting me try your Classic airgraver, both the foot pedal and palm control. The sharpening demonstration was just what I needed to eliminate my concerns about being able to sharpen gravers. I also enjoyed learning about Hobo Nickels.

As you will recall, last evening, I was more suited to the foot pedal than the palm control. However, today I realized what I was doing wrong with the palm control. I was trying to get the tool started by squeezing between palm handle and graver. I should have used the graver contact with the practice plate to start the tool when I applied palm pressure to the handle.

I'm putting my order together. Once I get started engraving, I'm sure I'll be needing your help. It's good to have someone close by willing to help a beginner. I also want to learn more about engraving Hobo Nickels.

Thanks again ,
Bill in Oceanport
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