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Default Re: Book - Scroll and Engraving Techniques, Lynton McKenzie

Originally Posted by Sonya Paterson View Post
Hello everyone,

I feel like it is my first day back in school. Meeting new people.
I bought an engraver 2 years ago and am having a ball. I am interested in gun stocks and scrolls engraving. Does any one know if there are any video's for beginners?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Sonya, The Lynton McKenzie videos are good that Mike mentioned.
Also there are a lot of online free videos, books and tutorials.
Scroll way down at the bottom of the page of this link.

Here are some beginner video tutorials that show basic cutting:

Here are more:
Inexpensive way to give it a try

On-line videos
Another video

Videos ~ 11 hours worth
Steve Lindsay
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