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Hi everyone,
I've wanted to give this a try for a while so I registered to ask questions. I am not a pro, I am just a hobbyist. i've been practicing on a copper plate i bought from the hardware store, and Ive been using a graver set I bought from finding king on ebay. I have had very little success. I married a year and a half ago, so I have to justify every expense for my new hobby, anyway I am often asked "why do you NEED that?" and it is easier to defend lower cost items than higher cost ones. So here I am with those tools and I wanted to ask what everyone else is using. Everytime I go to cut the graver doesn't and then It gets caught and then I get this bur at the end and the line is jagged. I was thinking about the jewelers engravers from jewelers stores online. But also I really like steve lindsays stuff. Seriously though, there is no way I can justify an air system without looking rediculous. So I am thinking old school
-but the set of gravers that I bought look exactly like the ones sold online, so are they different metals? I can't figure out why my cuts are so bad. When I practice, I feel like I am practicing bad cutting. hahaha! I think that introduces me. I'd like to hear from you if you have any opinions
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